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LA-08 Software (including signed USB device driver) 
    (1) Support CAN bus decoder. (A CAN transceiver IC is needed for LA-08 to acquire CAN signal)

    The compressed zip file decompresses to the following files and folders.
  LA-08.EXE        file     LA-08 Application
  driver\          folder   USB device driver\      folder
      win7_vista\  folder   for Win 7 and Vista
      win_xp\      folder   for Windows XP
  demo.iwf         file     sample waveform file        

LA-08 User's Manual
    LA-08_Manual                (pdf)
    PA-619 Specification    (pdf)

Sample Waveform Files
    demo.iwf       (included in the zip file) decoded  I2C write to a 24LC02B serial EEPROM, 
    demo1.iwf    same as above, but with longer memory depth. 

Application Notes
    an001_en.pdf    Description on the file format of the .iwf file ao that users can analyze sample data