Latest News


  • LA-08.EXE version v1.9.7.0 released. CAN bus decoder is supported in this version. (A CAN transceiver IC is needed for LA-08 to acquire CAN signal). 


  • LA-08.EXE version v1.9.6.1 released. 
    Bug fix: In v1.9.6.0 there's a memory leak problem with the SPI analyzer. 


  • LA-08.EXE version v1.9.6.0 released. 
    1-Wire and DCC decoders are supported in this version. 


  • We have obtained a Software Publisher Certificate (SPC) from a certificate authority (CA). From now on programs and device drivers we put on web for download will be digitally signed. Signed device drivers can pass Driver Signature Enforcement check on 64-bit Vista and Win7 systems. 


  • Gong-Xi-Fa-Cai

    January 21-29, 2012 are national holidays (chinese new year) in Taiwan. During the holidays the post office are closed; we are therefore not able to ship any item. Orders will be shipped on January 30. Gong-Xi Gong-Xi


  • LA-08.exe v1.9.5.0 released

    Supports 1-Wire Master (host controller). 


  • LA-08.exe v1.9.4.1 released
    • (1) frequency calculated based on dT. 
    • (2) changes the colors of cursor display for better visibility


  • LA-08.EXE v1.9.4.0 is now available to download. 

    This version supports 8-channel GPIO and PWM output. The PWM has a base frequency of 1.25KHz and 16-step (0-16) modulated pulse width output. 


  • PA-619 specification is now available to download. (traditional chinese version only)


  • v1.9.2.1 is now available to download, minor changes. 


  • LA-08.EXE v1.9.2.0 is now available to download. This version supports I2C master, which enables users to issue read and write commands to i2c slave from the LA-08 software. 
  • A new USB device driver is supplied with v1.9.2.0. The new driver supports Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.