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LA-08 Logic Analyzer

  • Logic Analyzer, 8 channels with fastest sampling rates of 96msps@2ch, 60msps@4ch, and 30msps@8ch
  • Protocol analyzer that decodes I2C, SPI, UART, 1-Wire, DCC and CAN Bus
  • I2C Master (host) that writes to and reads from i2c slave(s).
  • 1-Wire Master (host) with automatic SEARCH command. 
  • GPIO+PWM that uses LA-08's 8 pins as GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins; each of the pins can be used to generate 16-step PWM waveform. 

LA-08 is an 8-channel logic analyzer with I2C, SPI, and UART protocol analyzers. The LA-08 software has simple and easy-to-use user interface. LA-08 has the fastest sample rate and an unique I2C Master and GPIO+PWM functions among similar products, making it the best tool that saves you a significant amount of developing and debugging time. 

LA-08 Software
The software features simple and easy-to-use user interface and is available to download for free. 

Viewing and Manipulating the Waveform 
  1. Place cursor. Click on the waveform display to place the current cursor.   
  2. Glue  to  an  edge.  When  placing  a  cursor  it’s  placed  at  a  nearby  rising  or  falling  edge  (if  one 
  3. Toggle between two cursors. Click the mouse’s middle button (the wheel) or click on the cursor 
    position display.   
  4. Zoom in. Dragging the mouse to highlight the portion of the waveform you’d like to zoom into. 
    You can also use hot key: shift-Z.   
  5. Zoom out. Right click the mouse, or press Z.   
  6. Pan. Scroll the mouse wheel, or press shift and then drag the mouse.   
  7. Pulse  width  display.  Move  the  mouse  pointer  over  inside  a  pulse  then  the  pulse  width  (time 
    duration) will be shown.   

One unique feature of LA-08 is the I2C Master, which allows user to issue write and read commands to an I2C slave from LA-08's I2C Master console window. The LA can grab waveforms simultaneously. The following figure shows that four commands were issued to an OmniVision OV9655 camera module via its SCCB (I2c address 0x30) interface. (1)write 0, (2)read 32 bytes, (3)write 0x1C, and (4) read 2 bytes. The logic analyzer shows the waveform of the 4th command. 

1-Wire Master
1-Wire is a device communications bus system that provides low-speed data, signaling, and power over a single signal. LA-08’s 1-Wire Master emulates a 1-Wire host (controller), with the following commands. (1)RESET, (2)SEARCH, (3)W <data byte(s)>, (4)R <n>, (5)Wb <data bit(s)>, and (6)Rb <n>.  The SEARCH command finds out the registration number of each device on the bus using 1-Wire SEARCH ROM (0xF0) command(s). 

1-Wire Master does not support OverDrive mode. 

The following figure depicts accesses to two Maxim DS18B20 digital thermometers connected on the 1-Wire bus. First a SEARCH command is issued to find the registration numbers of both device. A MATCH ROM (0x55) command is then issued to address the second thermometer, followed by a READ SCRATCHPAD (0xBE) command. Nine bytes are then read and the CRC is checked. 

With LA-08's GPIO you can drive any of the 8 pins high or low, and read from the pins at the same time. Toggle a pin is as simple as a mouse click. LA-08 can also generate PWM output for its 8 pins simultaneously. The PWM has a fixed base frequency of 1.25KHz (800uS period) and 16-step (0-16) modulated pulse width output. For both GPIO and PWM, the output high voltage is 3.3V; the output low voltage is 0V. 

DEMO: USB1.1 Waveform
LA-08 has the highest sample rate (96 MSPS@2ch) among similar products. The high sample rate allows LA-08 to practically measure signals of frequencies up to 20 MHz; this is four times faster than similar products. The following figure depicts that LA-08 has acquired a waveform  of a 12MHz USB 1.1 start-of frame (SOF) packet. 

A LA-08 package comes with nine PA-619 high quality SMD test clips. The PA-619 test clip employs metal front tube, which ensures a firm hook-up and a long service life. The PA-619 test clip is suitable to be used on SMD and DIP ICs with lead pitch 50 mil (1.27mm) or higher. The PA-619 SMD test clips are made in Taiwan. 

A LA-08 package contains (1) USB cable (length: 1 meter), (2) color-coded 9-pin test lead, (3) LA-08 base unit (CNC machined aluminum case of size W44xD55xH10.5 mm), (4) set of nine PA-619 test clips, and (5) hard paper case (W140xD150xD43 mm). 


Sample Rate (highest)*
                    96 MSPS (2-ch)
                    60 MSPS (4-ch)
                    30 MSPS (8-ch)
                    *depends on CPU speed and grade. 

Sample Rate (lowest)
                    100 KSPS

Sample Memory Depth
                    100K~50M points per channel
Trigger Condition
                    Channels can independently set one of the follow 6 trigger conditions:
                        No Trigger, Low, High, 
                        Rising Edge, Falling Edge, Any Edge
Protocol Analyzer 
                    UART, I2C, SPI 
Electrical Specifications
                    Input Voltage
                                Max        16V
                                Min        -0.7V
                    Fixed Threshold Voltage
                                VIH        2.0V
                                VIL        0.8V
                    Input impedance         1M Ohm

PC System Requirement
                    Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32- or 64-bit)
                    CPU 1.5GHz or above (Celeron is not recommended)
                    Main memory 512MB or above
                    USB 2.0 (High Speed) port

One year limited warranty.